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  • Avoiding all obstacles with 3D exploration
  • Visual navigation and smart planning route
  • Ultra strong and long-lasting sweeping and mopping ability
  • 4 times increased scanning area
  • 5x increased map accuracy
  • 3000Pa suction power

S-cross 3D technology that accurately avoids obstacle like self-driving vehicle

ToF 3D technology is commonly used in self-driving, It can effectively identify and measure the distance of and to avoid bumping into the obstacles by accurate calculation and smart sensory. Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Prot is equipped with this technology, which will definitely bring a brand new smart cleaning experience to our customers.

Smartly learns about surroundings and flexibly avoids bumping

Effectively detecting any obstacles such as wires and slippers on the floor through photon level sensory, which is 10 times more accurate than infrared detection. The vacuum cleaner also automatically slows down once the obstacle is detected to avoid bumping.

Intelligent space measurement and computing to avoid getting stuck

ToF camera in the front and the high-accuracy sensor work together to measure and compute to check if the upcoming space is wide enough to let it through. If not, the cleaner automatically switches its direction before getting stuck.

3D VSLAM visual navigation that enables accurate mapping

Equipped with the ToF sensor, VSLAM performs better through simulating the neural network algorithm. It also improves the intelligence and accuracy of real time measurement, route planning and map management.

CortexTM-A53 high performance chip that empowers more effective multi-core operation

Equipped with Cortex'M-A53 quad-core processor chip and VSLAM algorithm, the computing ability is enhanced, which means the system is better at locating the robot at real time while automatically planning the cleaning route.

All-new suction and mopping matrix that cleans every inch

cleaning standards. Equipped with the all-new suction and mopping matrix, it can surely bring you a more complete and efficient cleaning experience.

3,000Pa strong suction that leaves dirt nowhere to hide

Japanese high performance brushless motor that brings sustainable and strong suction. With the help of customized cleaning tools, the robot vacuum instantly removes dust and dirt hidden in the floor cracks.

Levitated suction port + Highly efficient main brush + Refined filtration

Large caliber levitated suction port can closely attach to the floor while working.With the help of 0.1 mm super dense fiber main brush and double-layer effective and refined filtration, 1T upgrades the cleaning with precision and efficiency.

5,200mAh large battery capacity that easily endures the cleaning of larger houses

The build-in 5,200 mAh large capacity battery can run up to 180 minutes under standard mode and cleans 240m' at one time. It also supports remote control, which is more convenient and easy for you.

Smart electronically controlled water tank that evenly wet-mopping the whole house

Equipped with 250mL smart electronically controlled water tank, the robot automatically controls the amount of water it uses while mopping, In this way, the floor is protected, cleaned evenly without leakage and dripping. Fully filling the water tank enables wet-mopping of a 160m floor.

3 levels of water control that cleans with delicacy

In order to fulfill cleaning needs on different floor types, the robot vacuum 1T has 3 levels of water control. In this way, various kinds of stain can be addressed accordingly, which made the mopping more precise and effective.

Professional sensor that improves the overall cleaning performance

Equipped with multiple auxiiary positioning and detecting sensors such as the double gyroscope, optical flow sensor and cliff sensor, Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro+ obtains position information more accurately and completely and keeps the route clear and free of obstacles.

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro+

Charging base



Product Model:

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro+

Cleaner Types:

Vacuum Cleaner


Mop, Sweep, Scrub, Vacuum


VSLAM + TOF 3D navigation technology, Dual gyroscope, Optical flow sensor, Height sensor

Suction (pa):


Dust container capacity:

550 ml

Water tank capacity:

250 ml

Battery capacity:

5200 mAh

Suction (pa):



Automatic mode and from APP (Compatible with Android and iOS)


353 mm x 350 mm x 81.5 mm


4000 g

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