Nintendo Switch Joy‑Con Controllers (L/R) - Neon Red / Neon Blue

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  • The versatile Joy Con offer multiple surprising new ways for players to have fun; Battery life Approximately 20 hours
  • 2 Joy Con can be used independently in each hand, or together as 1 game controller when attached to the Joy Con grip
  • They can also attach to the main console for use in handheld mode, or be shared with friends to enjoy 2 player action in supported games
  • Each Joy Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller, and each includes an accelerometer and gyro sensor, making independent left and right motion control possible

Choose your control style

One controller or two, vertical or sideways, attached to the console or separate. You can play multiple ways, depending on the game.

Share with a friend

Pass a single Joy‑Con to a friend for instant two-player fun.

Try something new

HD Rumble puts you in the game with physical feedback, while the IR Motion Camera opens up new experiences like Nintendo Labo.

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Nintendo Switch Joy‑Con Controllers (L/R)


Product Model: Nintendo Switch Joy‑Con Controllers (L/R) - Neon Red / Neon Blue
Joy-Con (L): Bluetooth 3.0
Joy-Con (R): Bluetooth 3.0, NFC (near-field communication)
Joy-Con (L): Left Stick (pressable)
Directional/L/ZL/SL/SR/− Buttons
Capture Button
Release button
SYNC Button
Joy-Con (R): Right Stick (pressable)
A/B/X/Y/R/ZR/SL/SR/+ Buttons
HOME Button
Release Button
SYNC Button
Joy-Con (L): Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Joy-Con (R): Accelerometer, Gyroscope, IR Motion Camera
Battery Type: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery Capacity: 525 mAh
Battery Life (approx.): 20 hours
Recharge Time: 3.5 hours
Weight: Joy-Con (L): 49 g
Joy-Con (R): 52.1 g
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