Feiyu G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Camera Gimbal

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  • Load-bearing upgrade to 1.2KG
  • 2200mAh large capacity battery
  • Half A4 Size, Easy to carry
  • Note: The phone or camera in the picture is not included

The G6 Max is a 3-axis camera gimbal. From top to bottom, there are three axis position locks, which make important roles on balancing. Coming in oval shape design, the touch of the handle is good. There are two pieces of silicone rubber embedded in the handle, which makes you have comfortable holding experience.

The G6 Max has five modes, which are pan mode, follow mode, all follow mode, fast follow mode and selfie mode. It is easy to switch mode. All you need to do is tap the function button or trigger button. What’s more, the switching movement between these modes is smooth and stabilized. Most of operations, like focusing and panning, can be finished by the buttons, joystick and knob. After updating, I think the knob can support more functions expect tilting, like zooming.

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Contenu de la boîte

Feiyu G6 Max
USB C Data Charging Cable
Adapter Base
Long Rod Screw
Mobile Phone Clip
Control Cable For Sony (Type C to Multi)
Control Cable For Panasonic (TYPE C to DC2.5)
EPP Storage Bag

Product Model: Feiyu G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Camera Gimbal Stabiliser
SONY: a7sII/7SM2 (55mm/1.8), a6300/a6400/a6500 (28-70mm), QX1 and other ILDC
RX100 IV/ RX100 V /RX100VII/RX100 M5A/ RX100M6/ RX100M7, RX1RII, WX500, HX90, etc.
Canon: M50, M5, M6, G7X, 100D and other ILDC.
Panasonic: G6, G7, GH4, GH5, GX85, LX10 and other SLR, ILDC and card machine.
Other brands ILDC: Such as BMPCC 1 generation, Fuji XT20, D-lux, etc.
Sports Camera: RX0, SJ J6legend, for GoPro 5/6/7, FDR-X3000R, HDR-AS50R, etc.
Mobile Phone: The width of the adapted Mobile phone is 54-88mm (standard phone fixture)
Titling Angle: 260°
Rolling Angle: 330°
Panning Angle: 360°
Battery: 2200mAh, 7.4V
Charging Time: About 3 hours (5V/2A)
Splash-proof Grade: Splash-proof 
Usage Time In Theory: 9 Hours 
Payload: 1.2kg
Weight: 665 g (Not including battery, camera)
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